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Sato Erie
when you see that girl comin, back up


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Date d'inscription : 19/10/2014
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MessageSujet: REPLACEMENT IDEAS FOR SULLI   Ven 12 Juin - 18:49

Okay first of all c'est pas sûr que je peux changer de perso, même si techniquement tu peux avoir un TC, donc je m'emballes pas trop! Puis je kiffe le lien avec IU donc je vais attendre de voir si on le prend un peu avant de changer.
Deuxièmement je devrais prendre quelqu'un de populaire et relevant LMAO, Sulli l'est mais après son scandale tlmsf d'elle + ça me blase d'être dans le même groupe que Krystal. Donc je vais soit prendre quelqu'un de populaire, soit quelqu'un qui a déjà des bandmates sur le fo.

Now, time for choices:

  • Youngji: She cute af and popular. BUT since we wanna go for an April Ludgate-type Aspie witch, idk if she's a good choice. She's made of literal sunshine, so we can find a way to fit both (like, she's that way around friends and fans but when she's alone/with other people she a witch) but it'll be tricky, probably.

  • Kei: I'm not a big ass fan of Lovelyz so I'm not sure I won't get bored of her too. They're not really popular either, and we only have Baby on the forum, but she's cute, quieter than Youngji (I guess) and we have Infinite labelmates.

  • Yulhee or Seunghee: GOD I LOVE THEM SO MUCH but they're irrelevant af ))):

  • Junghwa: EXID are more relevant than ever so maybe? She's cute tho but not as obviously as Youngji. Her or Hyerin btw but Hyerin is sadly unpopular.


  • Jiyoon: Jiyoon is pretty badass and intimidating. Could work. Bit older than what I had in mind but why not! Plus we already have Gayoon and Hyuna AND BEAST members.

  • IU: Could work as well???

  • Hyosung: Just like Youngji, she's super adorable, butshe's a senior so she could be more intimidating.

  • Hayoung: Not as popular but part of Cube family and looks quieter than the others. Also a maknae yet a senior.

current best/fave choices: youngji, hyosung and jiyoon.
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